Using Patient Media

front-desk-brochure.jpgScripting and Implementation Ideas

Here are the most helpful scripting and implementation suggestions for the most popular Patient Media tools.

Use these strategies with patients and practice members to create a deeper understanding of chiropractic principles. Produce a belief shift. Help them attach new meanings to their symptoms, your care and the promise of a chiropractic lifestyle. 

Solve your biggest patient communication barriers by using these simple scripts and easy implementation procedures to maximize the impact of your chiropractic explanations.

Chiropractic Report of Findings

VIP Patient Report Folder
Recovery Insert
Examination Form
Posture Form
Nerve Form
Spinal Decay Form
VIP Sample Report Scripting
Wellness Wheel
How Far Form
How Our Practice Works
CLA PreScan Checklist

For Myovision Users

Chiropractic Brochures and Pamphlets

How to Use Brochures to Grow Your Practice

Answers brochure
Can Chiropractic Help brochure
Wellness Care brochure
Parents Guide brochure
Symptoms Brochure Package
Astonishing Dr You brochure
Medicare brochure
Your Spine & Nervous System brochure

Chiropractic Charts and Posters

Road to Recovery chart
Spinal Decay chart
Your Nervous System chart
How Far chart
Poster annotations

Chiropractic Videos

Let’s Get Started!
What We Found

Chiropractic Postcards

What to write on your postcards