Implementing the Posture Form

Implementing the Spinal Curve and Posture Insert

completed-posture-form.jpgEnter the patient's name and report date at the top. Imprint your practice information in the bottom right corner with a high quality rubber stamp or running your forms through your office printer after receiving your order from Patient Media.

Before your report

We recommend that you fill out this Insert before your report, reviewing your annotations with the patient during your actual report.

As appropriate for your exam findings, use a red ballpoint or roller ball pen to...

  • Indicate any scoliosis
  • Show a high shoulder
  • Identify hip height imbalance
  • Enter bilateral scale findings
  • Enter left and right grip strength
  • Loss of proper curves
  • Identify the CBP alignment points
  • Use vertical line to show head tilt
  • Draw the location of spondylolisthesis
  • Circle TMJ joint
  • Illustrate bone spur
  • Arrows indicating foramina occlusion
  • Fill in cervical range of motion on both sides

Review these findings and their significance, making them meaningful to the patient.

At a spinal screening

If your community outreach events include a postural analysis, imprint your practice details as above and use the form to quickly illustrate your findings, explaining their significance. Some offices imprint a limited time offer on the backside to urge patients to arrange a more complete examination.

Purchase the Spinal Curve and Posture Analysis Form in pads of 50.