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Monday Morning Motivation | Being Courageous

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 4th 2020

As a small businessperson, leader and healer it's vital that you protect your confidence.Being courageous means feeling the apprehension or fear and acting anyway. This is the very currency of l … read more

Dear Bill | Coronavirus

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 3rd 2020

Dear Bill I've had to close my practice because our state doesn't consider chiropractic an essential service. I have time on my hands, but not a lot of cash. Do you have any suggestions about … read more

Monday Morning Motivation | State Management

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 28th 2020

If your limbic system has been hijacked by current circumstances, consider this a plea to return to your happy place. Being mindful of our state, and controlling it, is a critical skill these … read more

Dear Bill | Improving Collections

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 26th 2020

Dear Bill, I am looking for a friendly but formal letter to send to a few patients who have outstanding accounts with me and have not responded to our efforts to date. In the past we've sent … read more

Chiropractic Book Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 25th 2020

After having written 12 chiropractic books (with a 13th book waiting in the wings), I've learned a thing or two about writing books for chiropractors. Some of them have even been required reading for … read more