Chiropractic Consulting

If you've tried the chiropractic practice management groups, or shunned them, you might find this consulting solution a better fit. Reserve your time to consult with Bill using the calendar below.

But first, two important distinctions:

Coaching - Usually a long-term relationship in which you're buying discipline and want to be guided to make performance enhancements while being held accountable during the process.

Consulting - Typically a short-term relationship in which you're buying experience, wisdom, creativity and problem-solving skills so you can bring them to bear on your unique circumstances.

When to Consult a Chiropractic Consultant

Spend an hour with Bill to explore a way forward when you're...

      ▶ Burned out and no longer having fun
      ▶ Facing a major decision or turning point
      ▶ Off your game or lost your mojo
      ▶ Need some objectivity or fresh ideas
      ▶ Want to reinvent your report of findings
      ▶ Feeling lost, disoriented or lacking clarity
      ▶ Looking for some creative solutions

It’s wise to seek counsel at times like these. Pick the brain of a passionate chiropractic patient advocate who has been serving the profession for over four decades. He hasn't seen everything, but almost!

An Alternative to Traditional Chiropractic Consulting

If you're looking for fresh insights without a long-term commitment:

Bill conducting Zoom consultation

  1. Use the calendar at the bottom of this page to schedule a time.
  2. Bill will email a confirmation along with your Zoom link and password.
  3. At the appointed time we'll meet. Your agenda will guide the conversation.
  4. Plan on startling discoveries and new possibilities with zero judgment and complete confidentiality.
  5. At the conclusion of the session Bill will ask, “Did you get your money's worth?” If not, your $150 will be refunded.
  6. Don't need a full hour? Happy to pro rate the fee in 20-minute increments.

Bill has helped hundreds of chiropractors using this time-tested approach. The fee won’t change his financial future—nor should it yours. And with the 100% satisfaction guarantee, it could be just the thing to get some fresh insights to get you moving forward.

Chiropractic Consulting With Bill Without a Long-Term Commitment

No contracts, other than the handshake above. If I were a chiropractor, it's what I'd want from a chiropractic consultant.

Use this calendar to reserve a convenient day and time and let's talk!