Chiropractic Consulting

Virtually all high performers seek the input of coaches and consultants to accelerate their results.

Consider two important distinctions:

Consulting – Engage a consultant when you want suggestions or advice when facing an important decision or circumstance. Reserve a one-hour session using my calendar below.

Coaching – Hire a coach to acquire a new skill, mindset, or solve a chronic practice issue. That’s the purpose of our 40-week, patient-centered HeadSpace Coaching program.

A Chiropractic Consultant Who Asks Great Questions

This isn’t therapy. Nor will I make your decision for you. But I’m told I have a knack for asking good questions, which can provoke a useful conversation from which fresh insights can emerge:

     ⦿ Patient behaviors or communication challenge
     ⦿ Facing a major life decision or turning point
     ⦿ Lost your mojo, phoning it in, or feeling crispy
     ⦿ Creative solutions to a frustrating practice issue
     ⦿ Contemplating a move from associate to owner
     ⦿ Insights into retirement or practice succession
     ⦿ Strategizing with an objective sounding board

Pick the brain of a passionate chiropractic advocate who has been serving the profession for over four decades. Learn why patients do what they do—and what to do about!

Naturally, fastidious confidentiality and discretion.

“Thanks Bill, I can’t overstate the value of your guidance and coaching.” ~ Dr. James Hinsch, Mattituck, NY

An Alternative to Traditional Chiropractic Consulting

If you’re looking for fresh insights without a long-term commitment, use the calendar below to book into my schedule.

Bill conducting Zoom consultation

  1. After choosing a convenient day and time, enter your credit card for the USD $150 fee for our one-hour session.
  2. It’s helpful if you include a brief comment or overview of the topic you’d like to explore.
  3. You’ll receive a confirming email along with your Zoom link and password.
  4. At the appointed day and time, we’ll meet. Your agenda guides our conversation.
  5. Plan on helpful solutions and new possibilities with zero judgment.
  6. At the end of our time I’ll ask, “Did you get your money’s worth?” If not I’ll cheerfully refund your $150.
  7. Don’t think you’ll need a full hour? Happy to pro rate the fee in 20-minute increments.

I’ve helped hundreds of chiropractors this way. The fee won’t change my financial destiny—nor should it yours. But with the 100% satisfaction guarantee, it could be just the thing to get you moving confidently forward.

Chiropractic Consulting With Bill Without a Long-Term Commitment

No contracts, other than the handshake above. If I were a chiropractor, it's what I'd want from a chiropractic consultant.

Reserve a convenient day and time and let's talk: