Chiropractic Brochures, Pamphlets and Flyers

Chiropractic brochures are the foundation for all chiropractic patient education and internal chiropractic marketing.

starterset.jpgChoose brochures, pamphlets and leaflets that feature strong graphics and concise text. These chiropractic brochures address a specific opportunity during the first 12 visits in your practice.

Patient Media brochures are created by chiropractic patients for chiropractic patients. Using them is easy!

Our "What Patients Want to Know" series addresses chiropractic concepts and chiropractic symptoms. They are the back bone of patient education. The back panel can be imprinted with your practice name, address, phone, website etc. Imprinting requires a four package minimum. Mix or max with our 17 titles.

Do your current chiropractic brochures measure up? Subject them to this simple 10-point test.

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