HeadSpace Coaching


Chiropractic Coaching With a Money Back Guarantee

HeadSpace Coaching is a 40-week guided success journey that challenges assumptions, identifies habituations, and eliminates wrongheaded beliefs.

It’s a nine-month online chiropractic coaching program with a money-back guarantee:

GUARANTEE: Enroll in this nine-month program at the introductory price of $95 per month. If you’re not delighted within the first 30 days, cancel and I’ll refund your $95—plus $5 for raising false hope.

The Promise of HeadSpace Coaching

The weekly, bite-sized Exercises give you time to integrate new ways of thinking. And the monthly group Zoom Check-In coaching sessions create community and provide support for sustainable change:

         • Enjoy improved clarity, confidence and certainty
         • Permanently boost your new patient attractability
         • Greater self-confidence that ends the need to be liked
         • Overlooked nuance permits you to help more people
         • Greater freedom by establishing clearer boundaries
         • Present your optimum care plans with confidence
         • Forgotten strategies to increase patient influence


Affordable Coaching That Delivers

         • No contract
         • Risk-free 30-day money back guarantee
         • More affordable than old-school coaching
         • Relevant, real-world 40-week curriculum
         • Weekly cadence creates momentum for change
         • Monthly group coaching for support and community
         • A focus on mindset—not procedures and numbers

By leveraging the Internet, HeadSpace Coaching offers profound insights and ongoing support that makes coaching affordable for every practice. Have you felt marginalized?

How HeadSpace Coaching Grows Your Practice

Three groups of chiropractors find this coaching transformational:

         • Chiropractors with a big heart—but are in under-performing practices
         • Exceptional chiropractors who have found practice growth difficult to sustain
         • Busy chiropractors (or their associates) who want weekly success reminders

Practice growth begins in your mind, not at a pep rally in the ballroom of a swanky hotel. And while better procedures may yield incremental change, thinking differently is the ultimate game-changer.

HeadSpace Coaching eliminates the barriers of cost, travel and time away from family and practice.

If you can open an email, watch a short video, and available to question the status quo, you can do this.

And within 30-days you’ll know if it's a good fit. If it isn't, cancel and request a refund of your first month’s enrollment. Plus, I'll throw in an additional $5 for raising your hopes, only to let you down. Get started today.

Risk-Free HeadSpace Coaching Is Refreshingly Different

         • No contract means it’s relevant – no fluff, padding or wasted time
         • A proven process that challenges self-limiting beliefs – respectfully
         • Led by a patient not a chiropractor – no dogma or “Do it like I do it!”
         • You define what success looks like – achieve your goals, not mine.
         • 30-day and 100%-plus money back guarantee – means zero risk

Besides the affordable pricing, unique delivery and weekly cadence, what makes HeadSpace Coaching so powerful is the patient-centered point of view.

Since this contemporary style of coaching is so different, I'll assume all the risk so you can experience it yourself. All you need to do is begin.

How to Get Started:

  1. Click here to enroll
  2. Create your user name and password
  3. Start your first Exercise: 1. Stinking Thinking
  4. Answer the Feedback question
  5. Receive your next Exercise 7-days later
  6. Submit questions for the Zoom Check-In
  7. Attend the monthly Zoom Check-In call
  8. Notice your renewed optimism!

Would a private one-hour consultation be a better fit?

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