HeadSpace Coaching

HeadSpace Coaching: 40 Weeks to a Renewed Mindset

HeadSpace Coaching is unlike other chiropractor coaching programs.

If you’ve tried traditional chiropractic coaching and found the attention given to statistics and scripting unhelpful, you’ll find HeadSpace Coaching refreshingly different:

The patient-focused content is different
The way it’s delivered is different
The weekly cadence is different
The affordable pricing is different
Your lasting results are different

That's why participants use terms such as “profound,” “deep impact,” “revolutionary journey,” “extremely useful,” “great insights,” “mindset shift,” and “wonderful experience.”

Practical, Real-World Content

This is a 40-week program. The methodical curriculum has a beginning, middle, and end. There are no gadgets, gizmos (or anything else) to buy. It’s never a tax on your success. And there’s no pressure to reup.

Should life get in the way, pause the program and resume when you’re ready.

Expect profound ah-has, powerful insights, and actionable ideas that reduce stress and have you looking forward to Mondays.

leveraging-internet.jpgLeveraging the Internet

Meeting at a swanky hotel, frantically taking notes, and returning with a “to do” list is so last century.

Instead, you’ll anticipate the weekly emailed HeadSpace Coaching Exercises. Watch the short video. Jot some notes and invest a few moments in self-reflection.

Try two sample Exercises absolutely free!

HeadSpace Coaching easily integrates into even the busiest schedule. And doesn’t require technical skills.

The Weekly Exercises

The weekly, bite-sized Exercises inspire meaningful change—without putting your practice into shock.

Incremental change is easier (and healthier) than coming home from a weekend seminar, tearing down walls, installing new procedures, and disrupting your practice!

What HeadSpace Coaching graduates say.

The Private Coaching Calls

Your enrollment includes monthly coaching calls with Bill Esteb. Schedule these 30-minute debriefs for troubleshooting, clarification, or ongoing support.

No hot seat. You control the agenda.

Enjoy a creative, resourceful accountability partner who asks great questions and creates new possibilities.

Why So Affordable?

Most chiropractic coaching programs cost north of $500 a month and come with an ironclad contract. Plus, the travel. Plus, the hotel. Plus, the missed practice.

So, at $95 per month (for nine months) HeadSpace Coaching is within reach of every chiropractor, regardless of budget or practice size.

And there’s no contract.

But this is no cakewalk. You’ll be facing deeply ingrained assumptions. Confronting wrongheaded beliefs. Breaking unhelpful habits—all while seeing your practice from a patient’s point-of-view.


Enroll in HeadSpace Coaching and…

Help more people – patients find your enthusiasm and passion irresistible. You even surprise yourself by exhibiting greater clarity and certainty.

Put Covid behind you – if your practice hasn’t fully recovered, you’ll especially benefit. Lean into the new realities of the post-pandemic practice.

Acquire a possibilities mindset – see your practice and patient relationships with fresh eyes. Notice countless opportunities hiding in plain sight.

Communicate boldly – plant your flag with confidence. Present patient care plans with unshakeable conviction. Care, without caring too much.

Up your game – if you’ve been coasting, phoning it in, or waiting to be rescued, this is a precisely targeted kick-in-the-glutes to get you unstuck.

Act Now: Reset Your Mindset

     1. Click here to enroll in HeadSpace Coaching
     2. Create your username and password
     3. Start the first Exercise: Stinking Thinking
     4. Answer the short Feedback question
     5. Receive your next Exercise in seven days
     6. Reserve your monthly call with Bill
     7. Notice your renewed hope and optimism!


Frequently-asked questions. Or email Bill directly. Would a one-hour consultation be a better fit?