Chiropractic Speaker

Include Chiropractic Speaker Bill Esteb on Your Next Program

As a chiropractic patient and advocate since 1981, Bill Esteb will bring a unique, thought-provoking perspective to your next chiropractic gathering.

He’s not your typical chiropractic patient.

Under weekly care for over four decades by 10 different chiropractors, he’s written 12 books detailing the many facets of the doctor/patient relationship. After conducting more than 50 in-office consultations and patient focus group luncheons, his “patient’s-point-of-view” motivates chiropractors and their teams with practical action steps that can immediately enhance virtually any practice.

Speaking on Patient Education and Communications

chiropractic-speaker.jpg“I was introduced to chiropractic through the lens of patient education,” observes Esteb. “All these years later, effectively presenting, explaining and inspiring patients to embrace chiropractic as a lifestyle choice still captures my imagination.”

Bill is an inspirational chiropractic speaker.

His personal transparency and authenticity are only surpassed by his knowledge of chiropractic and the inner workings of high-performing chiropractic practices. Rare for a non-chiropractor.

"Bill Esteb has been a colleague and friend for over 20 years. He is a man of great integrity both on and off the platform. When he speaks he is gentle, funny and insightful. I would have Bill on my stage every year if I could, I love him as do our members."

Melissa Sandford, CEO
United Chiropractic Association

A Passionate Chiropractic Speaker

Bill's infectious passion for chiropractic comes through loud and clear. Audiences feel it during an hour-long CE program on professional boundaries. Or during a full-day seminar on creating deeper, more influential patient relationships.

Audiences can expect humor (without telling a single joke). He offers a creative optimism that transcends the diverse philosophies and practice styles found in the profession today.

speaker-for-masterscircle.jpgBill photographs the audience of 2,800 chiropractors and assistants at the Masters Circle Super Conference in Orlando in October 2006.

A Chiropractic Speaker That Boosts Attendance

Bill’s uncanny knowledge and understanding of chiropractic and chiropractors make him a highly respected and sought after chiropractic speaker. Here are the titles of some of his recent talks:

Five Practice Subluxations
Disruptive Patient Communications

Simple Patient Communication Hacks
How to Help More By Doing Less
Healing at the Front Desk
Why Patients Do What They Do
The Patient In Patient Education
10 Mistakes New Practitioners Make
New Patient Mojo

Bill can fashion his presentation into a fast-moving half-day program or a full weekend intensive that is relevant to chiropractors as well as the entire practice team.

Schedule Bill For Your Next Conference

Contact Bill to determine his availability, speaking fees and presentation topic for your next chiropractic program. Speak with organizations that have already hosted one of his programs.