Chiropractor Burnout

End Chiropractor Burnout In Three Weeks

burnoutman.jpgBurnout is among the greatest occupational hazard faced by chiropractors. And while virtually all professional caregivers are susceptible to this debilitating condition, chiropractors seem especially vulnerable.

Do you have an advanced case? Or have you noticed the early symptoms of emotional exhaustion and adrenal fatigue?

Take this simple seven-question quiz and find out.

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How Burned Out Are You?

More than three in the "Agree" column and you're in burnout.

Common Symptoms of Chiropractic Burnout

Burnout among chiropractors is probably more pronounced because of the constant headwind of uncooperative insurance carriers, professional bias and prejudice, irresponsible patients and simply the challenges of running a small business.

Here are some of the more common telltale signs:

  • Frustration with patients who ignore your advice
  • Feelings of emotional exhaustion at the end of the day
  • You increasingly isolate yourself from others
  • Welcome the weekend but dread Monday morning
  • Practice is a burden because it just isn’t fun anymore
  • You’ve gained some weight and are out of shape
  • No one seems to understand how you feel
  • You often feel like a victim without relief in sight
  • You tolerate staff shortcomings rather than confront
  • You’ve considered quitting and doing something else

As you’re Escaping Burnout you’ll be looking at these and other symptoms in the rear view mirror. Which may seem impossible now, but rest assured that with a few simple changes and greater mindfulness, burnout will be a distant memory.

burnoutwoman.jpgBurnout Relief In Three Weeks

"I've been through several episodes of burnout myself," remembers Esteb. "So I recognize it when I see it in chiropractors. Until you resolve this issue no amount of marketing or new initiatives has much chance of success."

Bill's 21-day program shows you the way forward. This unique three-week plan provides an escape route.


Every three days you'll receive a short video and a brief assignment or mindfulness exercise. Don't worry these are easy. They have to be. After all, you're exhausted.

Not only will you put this episode behind you once and for all, it won't return.


The cloud lifts.

New possibilities emerge.

There’s a new spring in your step.

Take This Free Online Burnout Course

Toaster with burnt toastWhy three weeks?

Escaping burnout is not like wolfing down a burger and fries. Instead, it takes time to identify and confront the source of the emotional drain.

This 21-day program gives you time to make small, incremental changes to your beliefs and behaviors.

Racing to the punch line simply isn't how you heal from professional burnout.

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