Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

Our Collaboration With the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

We create the patient-facing communication tools for Chiropractic Leadership Alliance (CLA) chiropractors. Our patient education materials professionally present your sEMG scans, CORE Score and other findings.

total-solutions.jpgA long time admirer of Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Dr. Christopher Kent, Bill attended Total Solution in August of 2002. Like you, he experienced firsthand the transformations that thousands of chiropractors have similarly experienced. The ropes course. The Wall. Dave Mager. The crisp Colorado mountain air. Life changing!

Bill has been a long time On Purpose listener and himself, the subject of three or four interviews over the years. These have always been memorable occasions of fellowship accompanied by almost constant laughter as we enjoy each other's company.

If you're going to make chiropractic about the integrity of the nervous system, you must have the technology to prove to patients (and to yourself!) that you're delivering on your promise.

Our more recent collaboration with Dr. David Fletcher has continued the legacy.

PreScan Checklist – An essential new patient questionnaire to help avoid unexplainable scans from patients on medication or some other contraindication.

Original Scan Folder – Present your sEMG and thermography scans in a congruent, contradiction-free presentation that explains vertebral subluxation.

Progress Scan Folder – Show each patient's their initial and post-care scans at their progress exams. What's better? Worse? Or no change?

Pediatric Scan Insert – Use this report handout as the perfect springboard to introduce get the children of your parents scanned.

HRV Insert – A simplified Heart Rate Variability explanation tear off sheet is the perfect way to record their findings and track their recovery.

CORE Score Patient Folder – More recently, as more technologies have been added to the CLA repertoire, we have added a new patient folder.