Discount and Promo Codes

discountcode.jpgWe rarely offer discount or coupon codes. For three reasons:

1. Patient Media products are already competitively priced. With the low margins on printed paper products, deeper discounts would endanger our ability to research, develop and improve our products.

2. Seducing you with a discount may prompt an initial sale, but when reordering, the initial lower fee is expected again. Unsure? We're happy to supply a handful of brochure samples or report documents so you can test them with your patients for free.

3. Consistent pricing keeps things fair. (Ever feel abused when learning your airline seatmate paid a fraction of what you did?)


We offer volume discounts on most of our products. It's a thank you for including Patient Media in your new patient procedures. Plus, the efficiencies we enjoy when packaging your order.

Don't confuse price with value! When using Patient Media, expect your investment to be returned 10X, 30X or more from…

• Improved case acceptance
• Better patient follow through
• Increased patient retention
• Getting more new patient referrals
• Saving time and repetitious explanations
• Fielding fewer inappropriate questions
• Greater respect for you and chiropractic

Here's how to get the most from Patient Media.