Discount Code

discountcode.jpgDiscount codes or coupon codes are rarely offered at Patient Media. There are three simple reasons why:

1. Patient Media products are already competitively priced. With the already low margins on paper products, deeper discounts would endanger our ability to conduct the research and development of new products.

2. Seducing buyers with a low price may initially motivate a purchase, but when it comes time to reorder, paying the original lower price is expected. Turns out, discounting interferes with our goal of creating lasting, long-term relationships.

3. Charging everyone the same keeps things fair and the playing field level. (Ever feel ripped off by learning the airline passenger beside you paid a fraction of what you did?)


We do offer volume discounts on many of our products. As a reward for repeat business, and a way of saying thank you for including Patient Media products in your new patient procedures, we often offer a reduced price when buying four or more of the same title.

Thank you for your interest in Patient Media.