Chiropractic Patient Education and Report of Findings Forms

Bill Esteb headshot"Educated patients follow your care plan. They get better results and refer others. Our report documents and communication resources connect with today’s patients," reports Creative Director Bill Esteb.

HeadSpace Coaching. Our 40-week online group coaching program. Upgrade your ‘operating system’ and give your practice a boost. Guaranteed.

Report of findings. Give high impact reports that impress patients and reassure spouses. Package your report for better case acceptance.

Chiropractic brochures. Fill your brochure rack with the topics that build practices. These brochures equip your patients to refer others.

Chiropractic posters and charts. Eye-catching wall graphics that engage patients, deepen your influence and increase retention.

Chiropractic videos. Save time and avoid repetitious explanations by using videos to explain chiropractic principles. Educational videos that connect with today’s YouTube generation.

Chiropractic books. Read the short, bite-sized chapters in Bill’s books to better understand why patients do what they do, and what you can do about it.

Chiropractic blog. Every week we post a communication hack, practice insight or success strategy that will inspire your mind and thrill your spirit.

Headspace resources. Chiropractic practice building from a patient’s point of view. At a crossroads? Need some ideas? Buy an hour of telephone consulting to get unstuck. Be sure to subscribe to Monday Morning Motivation.

Chiropractic patient education is all we do. So expect crisp copy. Fresh graphics. Timeless design. And that special something that connects and motivates. Patient education for patients, by patients.

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