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Talking Points

Hip replacement

89% of hip replacements are performed on the long leg side. Chiropractic works to adjust the hips and pelvis and level the legs, helping to avoid surgery. (Source: Dr. Dan Murphy via Dr. Brian Bartholomew)

“I’m going to stop brushing my teeth”

Imagine: bad breath, yellow teeth, bleeding gums, tooth decay and then pain. The dentist will likely suggest brushing as a preventive measure. Same with regular chiropractic care—before the pain. By the way, if you don’t maintain your teeth, you can get dentures or expensive implants. But no surgeon can replace your vertebrae due to spinal decay! Thanks Dr. Karel Deprez

Frog Soup

If you put a frog in hot water, it jumps out right away. If you put one in cold water and slowly heat it, it stays in the water until death. The second frog accommodates stress and fails to take appropriate action because it happens on a subtle gradient. We do the same. We accommodate stress until we can't, producing subluxation and then a loss of health. Thanks Dr. Christopher Kane

Expensive Urine

Many of the commercially available multi-vitamins aren't in a bioavailable form making it difficult for the body to absorb. The result? Your body simply excretes the chemicals making for some very expensive urine!

8-12 lbs

The average weight of the adult head. That’s a lot of weight to be held over 7 tiny vertebrae in the neck. Essentially it’s like a bowling ball on a broomstick. Even the smallest misalignments in the spine can alter the position of your head, which can lead to muscle rigidity, tension headaches and wearing away of the spinal joints. Staying in proper spinal alignment not only ensures proper communication between the brain and the body, but it allows you to hold your head up effortlessly reducing the wear on your joints, muscle tension and fatigue. Thank you Drs. Brian and Denise Kehoe.



“The larger number is what we bill your insurance company, the smaller number is what they actually pay us.” Use some actual numbers from one of your recent cases. This little bit of financial patient education will astonish most patients. It’s a great way to introduce your inclination to move to a cash practice.

"I'm a 125 years old.
Who am I?"

I've been doing the whiteboard for a couple years and this question has, by far, brought the most questions. People are surprised to find out that chiropractic is "that old."  It's good to discuss with the patients the fact that modern medicine (antibiotics, antiinflammatory, etc.) is younger than chiropractic. Thanks Dr. Sylvio Janelle!

Chiropractic Recalled!

Exercise hasn’t been recalled. Clean water hasn’t been recalled. Organic foods haven’t been recalled. Nor has chiropractic. Careful about putting your faith in pharmaceuticals, only to find out that, oops, this drug isn't so good for you after all... sorry. Thanks Dr. Neal Barry

Don’t Forget the Other Resolutions!

In our part of the world, most New Year’s Resolutions are about weight reduction. In other words, the symptoms of improved physical health. Remind patients not to neglect the other factors of good health, which, based on your model could be one or more of the following: nutrition, exercise, nerve stress, rest, emotional health, spiritual health, chemical stress, hydration, breathing, etc.  Tip of the sombrero to Dr. Tim Swift.

1 oz. > 1 lb.

"People tell me that it's not true or that I'm not good in maths or stuff like that. I tell them that there's an English saying that says that one ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure." Thanks Dr Sylvio Janelle.

Boiling water

These are ways that we kill germs with heat. When your body uses this technique we call it a fever. Careful before trying to artificially lower a fever! It might only give the bacteria a better environment to thrive in. Tip the hat to Roger D. Smith, D.C.

Shopping Cart

Ever notice how hard your arm and body muscles have to work when pushing a shopping trolley with a stiff wheel? Subluxations have a similar effect, forcing muscles and ligaments to work harder. This extra load makes body tissues prone to tightness, pain, recurring injury and premature wear. Thanks to Richard Mathers

Over 200,000 of them

Did you know there are over 200,000 human diseases that are known? Did you know that medical doctors focus on trying to diagnose them, and yet they only know the most common ones? Would you think any doctor is capable of diagnosing all 200,000 plus? That's why it's so important to focus on the things that make you healthy (especially adjustments) rather than trying to find out why you're sick when it's too late. Tip of the hat to Dr. Liburdi

Three 17 Inch Wheels and One 15-inch Wheel

When one leg is shorter than the other, it's like driving a car with three 17-inch wheels and a 15-inch wheel. Sure, the car will still run, but sooner or later, something is going to wear out. The ball joints and tie rods of your car are like the joints and ligaments in your back. Except there are no replacement parts! Tip of the hat to Dr. Larry Montgomery!



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