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Bill has been blogging since 2005. Over the years he has written some classic posts. We've collected the most important ones here.

Getting Patients To...

There is nothing you can say or do that can change the value a patient places on his or her health.

The Allure of Offering Pain Relief

Solely as a treatment for pain, chiropractic may be promising, but limited. That was never the intent of chiropractic.

How to Get Patients to Say Yes

Extracting a “yes” from patients isn’t nearly as important as being able to look yourself in the mirror and not feel dark inside.

If Patients Only Knew

Turns out, the seminar being offered was based on the old cliché that “…if patients knew what you knew, they would do what you do.” Problem is, it’s untrue.

#1 Confidence Killer

It’s permitting patients to believe that you’ll be relieving their symptoms with chiropractic care!

Going Commando

Having a cash practice isn’t merely about changing your financial policy and no longer taking assignment.

The Practice of Treating Nothing

Have you embraced these simple truths about chiropractic?

The Day Adjustments Stopped Working

Preposterous? It all depends upon how you define the word “working.” It’s an essential distinction.

Should Chiropractic Remain Drug-Free

Chiropractic does not need to evolve. Chiropractic does not need to become something else.

Evidence Based

If you worship at the altar of scientism, you don’t have to perform the taxing obligation of critical thinking.

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Most statistics tend to be a rear view mirror reflection of the past. Qualitative statistics help predict the future.

Have You Been Skinny Dipping?

Warren Buffett famously observed after the economic dip that followed 9/11, “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.”

More or Less?

“I just want it like it used to be. When I was busy, helping people and paying my bills,” yearned Les.

Who Wants a Subluxation-Free World?

Some might perceive this as intellectual hair splitting and an extravagant luxury for pipe-smoking philosophers. Hardly.

Beating the House

What makes the wasted energy exerted by the staff to track down wayward patients so tragic is that you created it.

Table For Four

Since good nutrition is a ‘right’ for every resident in the most affluent nation in the world, the government passed the Nutrition Reform Bill.

RCT and the Cult of Scientism

If you’ve had your head down helping patients, you may not be aware of a dangerous trend taking place in the United Kingdom.

‘tic and ‘tor

It was B. J. Palmer who observed that there were things good for ‘tor (the chiropractor) that may not be good for ‘tic (chiropractic).

Chiropractic vs. Chiropractic Medicine

Granted, practicing chiropractic medicine is probably better than practicing medicine. But if you’re a chiropractor, it might be a wiser strategy to practice chiropractic.

Why Your Consultation is More Important Than Your Report

This makes your paperwork, consultation and first visit procedures vitally important since it can permanently color a patient’s perception of you, your practice and chiropractic.

Build It and They Will Come

Countless chiropractors emerge from chiropractic college with the notion that all it takes to heal the hurting humanity in their town is a highly-trafficked practice location, a back lit sign and a spanking new diploma framed on the wall.

The News From Lake Woes Be Gone

We talked a bit longer and he revealed a thoughtless luxury that he has been indulging in each day that alarmed me.

Is an Adjustment a Treatment?

A treatment constitutes ministrations designed to alleviate a set of symptoms.

Do You Hog the Ball?

When you monopolize the conversation you not only isolate yourself, but ironically, feel misunderstood.

Where Did All the Chiropractors Go?

There may be too many DCs. But there are far too few chiropractors.

The Key or the Car?

The key merely unlocks what the automobile manufacturer engineered into the car. The key isn’t the hero, nor is the person holding the key.

How to Use a Brochure

You’re sitting on a gold mine. Not to mention all those brochures you have taking up cupboard and closet space.

Offense or Defense?

Even now, from time to time I find myself getting a bit too comfortable. And that’s when I remember that the only way to coast is to go downhill.

How to Domesticate a Chiropractor

It’s hard to find many purebred chiropractors anymore. Many have passed on or retired. Just how do you remove the rogue features in the genetic code of a chiropractor?

Chiropractic As a Diet

Most patients see their chiropractic care as a diet. A temporary, short-term diet. “Fix me so I can get back to doing what I used to do.”

An Effective Referral Dialogue

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most difficult to create and control. Perhaps that's why it's so potent.

Goodwill Hunting

One of the fastest ways to get your new practice up and running is to buy someone else’s.