Chiropractic Patient Education and Report of Findings Forms

Patient Media provides chiropractic patient education resources to support chiropractors around the world. Turn patients into partners by concisely communicating timeless chiropractic principles.


Chiropractic Report of Findings

Use these resources to give high-impact reports that persuade patients and reassure spouses. Report folders and report handouts that “package” your explanations and increase patient acceptance.

Coaching for Chiropractors

HeadSpace Coaching produces clarity and renewed passion. The weekly Exercises and monthly consultations don’t require travel or time away. Facing a problem or decision? Arrange a one-hour private consultations.

Chiropractic Brochures

Use contemporary pamphlets that equip your patients to generate more referrals. Learn how to turn brochures into new patients. Can your current brochures pass this 10-point test?

 chiropractic-posters.jpgChiropractic Posters and Charts

Use your practice walls to provoke questions and explain chiropractic principles. Stay on message with these contemporary, eye-catching wall graphics that engage patients, deepen your influence, and increase retention.

Patient Education Videos

Our new patient orientation video and pre-report of findings video are a quick, relevant 4-minute foundation for your key patient explanations. Perfect for today’s short attention spans.

Chiropractic Books

Get inside the head of today’s patient and understand why they do what they do—and what to do about it. Download your personal copy of our free eBooks to enhance your reports, explain chiropractic and motivate patients.


mmm-home.jpgMonday Morning Motivation

These pithy, 150-word emails are sent to over 10,000 chiropractors around the world each week. The short, thought-provoking messages are inspiring and get your week off to a great start. Subscribe today.


The Patient’s Point of View

Bill Esteb, Patient Media’s Creative Director since 1999, has been a cash-paying chiropractic patient for over 40 years. Let Bill help you navigate the path between what patients want to know—and what they need to know.

Chiropractic patient education is all we do. Expect crisp copy. High impact graphics. Timeless design. And that special something that connects and motivates today’s visually oriented patients.

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