VIP Report of Findings Kit

50 folders and inserts

Comprehensive Reports: Just Add You!

The VIP Report of Findings Starter Set brings order and consistency to your reports and equips your patients to recreate your explanations when they get home. Increase the impact of your reports by bringing consistency and order to your presentation. Here are the essential report documents you need. And a word-for-word suggested scripting to get you going.

Patients Take Your Recommendations More Seriously...

When you present your findings and recommendations for care in a serious manner, patients do too. Used in the busiest practices around the world, this time-tested approach to patient reporting is simple and effective.

Maybe even fun!

Save money when you buy your patient report folders and essential patient handouts as a kit.

exam-thumb.jpgExecutive Summary Captures Exam Essentials—Simply check a few boxes and enter a few phrases. Use the illustration to record areas of concern. Enter your recommendations for care and the date of their first progress exam. It's the perfect outline to guide your report of findings. Packages of 50.

posture-thumb.jpgEquip Patients to See What You See—Show lost curves, scoliosis, a high shoulder or a low hip with just a few quick lines. Record bi-lateral scale findings and grip strengths. Place in the VIP Report Folder along with your other report documents. Use it at spinal screenings! Left- or right-facing versions. Packages of 50.

nerve-thumb.jpgHow You Influence Whole-Body Health—This posterior view shows the major nerve connections at each segmental level. Unlike lateral views, you can show the importance of symmetry and balance and the link between bones and nerves. Circle areas of concern. Packages of 50.

sdinsert-thumb.jpgProof That Patients Want—Send examples of their X-rays home with them after using this helpful form to "phase place" degenerative changes to their spine. Circle the views that come closest to matching theirs. Check the phrases that best describe their stage of degeneration. Left- or right-facing (shown) X-rays to match your technique. Packages of 50.

recovery-thumb.jpgSee Better Patient Follow—This is the take-home version of our popular wall chart. Use it to explain the three recovery tracks (quick results, worse before getting better and steady improvement) and the consequences of discontinuing care when they feel better. Foreshadow their "patch or fix" decision. See better retention. Choose Original or Upgraded version. Packages of 50.

vip-cover-thumb.jpgHow to Present Your Report Documents—Clinically neutral, use this patient folder to present your report documents. Place the patient's copies behind the inside flap and use the die-cuts to weave in relevant brochures and your business card. The back panel defines key terms. A professional package that says, “Trust me.” Packages of 50.


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