Chiropractic Recovery Form (Upgrade)

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Help Patients Visualize Their Recovery

The Recovery Insert is the take-home version of our popular wall chart.

It's an essential report of findings handout, packed with significance—from the colors and the shape of the lines, to spacing of the visit dots.

Write on it. Annotate it. Circle the fork in the road at Decision Time. Use it to bring your report of findings to life:

  • Show the three possible recovery tracks
  • Explain the likelihood of a subsequent relapse
  • How lasting healing occurs after symptoms resolve
  • Encourage patients to announce their last visit
  • Lay the groundwork for the value of wellness care

Unpack the nuances of this handout and add your annotations during your report.

The Squiggly Lines

Notice that in the lower left corner there are three recovery tracks as Relief Care begins. The upper path represents faster recovery. The bottom dips down to show that sometimes things temporarily worsen due to recent trauma or unresolved inflammation. The middle track? Steady recovery as each visit builds on the visit before.

The Visit "Dots"

The dots represent visit frequency, NOT how many visits will be necessary! Notice that in the earliest recovery stages, visits are much closer together than in the upper reaches of wellness care. When visit dots aren’t present, a relapse may be just around the corner!

The Color Scheme

Most patients think in terms of two types of care: visits when they have obvious symptoms (Red). And visits when they are symptom-free and maintaining or advancing their health (Green). Corrective Care is coded in Yellow. (Check out our How Far Chart and Report Insert that use a similar color coding.)

Take Home Version of Our Chart

The Recovery Insert equips patients to recreate the explanation you gave in front of our Road to Recovery chart. Watch the video.

Recovery Report of Findings Insert Click Use Me Button for Implementation Ideas

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Text of the Upgraded Recovery Patient Handout

218 Words
5.6 Grade reading level

Relief Care

Most people consult our practice with an obvious ache or pain. Their goal is relief. So, that’s where we start.

A thorough examination reveals areas of spinal dysfunction and nervous system interference. Visits are frequent at first as each visit builds on the ones before.

Our care recommendations help you get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Keep your visit schedule to create the momentum required for spinal changes.

Decision Time

When you’re feeling better, you’ll have a decision to make. Will you end your care and risk a relapse? Or continue to more fully heal muscles and soft tissues?

Let us know.

We’ll celebrate your success and archive your records should you need us again. Or we’ll begin the next phase of your care, retraining your spine for more lasting results. With your spinal function improving, visits can be less frequent.

Wellness Care

Naturally, it’s easier to stay well than to get well.

That’s why many opt for regular chiropractic checkups. That way we can catch new issues before they become serious. Plus, you’ll be better able to live life to the full.

Your health is your most valuable possession. It affects everything you do and everyone you know. It’s an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.