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billsbookcase.jpgGrowing up as I did without television until well into my junior high school years, ours was a family of readers. Among my fondest memories was traipsing down to the Olympia Public Library every Tuesday evening after dinner. Upon our return, the only sound you'd hear was the turning of pages and the ticking of the grandfather clock.

Lacking a formal education, I continue to do a lot of reading. Most of my library contains books on marketing, communications, the Internet, spirituality, health and of course my favorite chiropractic books.

I'm only recently moving from actual books to electronic versions on my iPad. There's just something about the feel of holding an actual book (and being in bookstores) that I find pleasing. But physical books have become a storage problem.

Here are some of the books I've been reading recently.

Discipline is DestinyDiscipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of ancient Stoic philosophy and the real-life experiences of countless fascinating individuals, Holiday argues that true freedom and achievement are born from the unwavering commitment to disciplined action. He shows why discipline is not a stifling force but a liberating one, enabling us to overcome obstacles, achieve our goals, and lead a more meaningful life. He emphasizes the importance of self-control, focus, and perseverance in the face of adversity. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we can control our response. November 2023


Mind Your MindsetMind Your Mindset by Michael Hyatt. This is now part of the recommended reading for my HeadSpace Coaching program because the entire book explores the many facets of the stories, we tell ourselves. Often these stories are designed to protect us but produce many types of self-limited beliefs and behaviors. The book blends personal anecdotes with well-researched psychological principles, creating a relatable and informative idea flow. Especially helpful is the exploration of “The Narrator”—that voice we often hear in our heads as we contemplate something new, different or requires a growth mindset. October 2023


Profit First for ChiropractorsProfit First for Chiropractors by Debra Cassera and Sabrina Pelech. This helpful book adapts the principles of Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First and applies them to chiropractic practice. If you tend to pay yourself what’s left over after paying everyone and everything first, this will be a helpful jolt to your belief system! Get ready for actionable guidance for establishing a straightforward cash flow system, ensuring regular income, and achieving lasting profitability. Their passion for chiropractic and chiropractors is a real plus makes it easier to embrace their principles for achieving financial peace in a thriving practice. September 2023


Why We Get SickWhy We Get Sick by Benjamin Bikman, PhD. While chiropractic isn’t mentioned, here's a compelling exploration of the root causes of modern, lifestyle-induced diseases. Bikman challenges the genetic or environmental origin, arguing that the real culprit is metabolic dysfunction caused by our diet and sedentary lifestyle. He delves into the role of insulin resistance and inflammation in chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cancer. He recommends adopting a low-carbohydrate diet and provides ample research citations to back his claim. A must-read for anyone interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms of insulin resistance. March 2023


IdeaflowIdeaflow by Jermey Utley and Perry Klebahn. A deep dive for anyone looking to improve their creativity and innovation skills. The authors, both Stanford design professors and innovation experts, share their proven framework for generating and developing breakthrough ideas. They emphasize the importance of a structured approach to idea generation, as well as the power of collaboration and iteration. Creativity is something that can be developed. Quality ideas come from idea quantity and a process of divergent thinking. Lots of fascinating real-world examples and exercises. February 2023


Dying to be FreeDying to be Free by Leland Stillman, MD. This medical doctor could very well be an honorary chiropractor with his scathing examination of the mainstream medical model of health care. Drawing on his experience as a psychiatrist, Stillman argues that addiction is not a moral failing, but a chronic brain disease that requires a long-term approach to treatment. Some might label his observations a conservative rant or merely conspiracy theory. His conclusion is that health freedom is essential if we are to experience political freedom. A fascinating read from someone within the belly of the beast. January 2023


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