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Smart BrevitySmart Brevity by Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, and Roy Schwartz. Here's a concise and informative guide on how to communicate effectively in a world of constant information overload. The authors, all experienced journalists and media executives, share their insights and practical tips for delivering messages that capture attention and drive action. They emphasize the importance of brevity, clarity, and relevance in all forms of communication, from emails to speeches to social media posts. The most important takeaway? Put the purpose of your email in the first sentence. December 2022


Surviving Religion 101Surviving Religion 101 by Michael Kruger. Drawing on his own experience as a professor and a Christian, Kruger offers practical advice on how to engage with different worldviews, respond to skeptical arguments, and maintain a vibrant faith in the midst of academic inquiry. The book was conceived and written as a way to offer advice to his daughter who was just beginning her college experience. It's filled with helpful tips and fascinating real-life examples. While written for his daughter, it's an insightful and practical guide for believers of any age. December 2022


The Cashless RevolutionThe Cashless Revolution by Martin Chorzempa. I believe there is a major financial reset coming, and this was a way to understand the rise of digital payments and its potential implications. Drawing on a wide range of research, particularly his firsthand experience in China, Chorzempa offers a comprehensive overview of the benefits and risks of cashless transactions. He also explores the impact of digital payments on financial inclusion, security, and regulatory policy. Thankfully, the engaging and accessible style makes it informative for anyone interested in the future of money. November 2022


Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to BePut Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be by Steven Pressfield. Here's a concise and inspiring guide for those seeking to turn their passion into a more fulfilling career. Drawing on his own experience as a writer and entrepreneur, Pressfield offers practical advice on overcoming resistance, finding your niche, and staying committed to your goals. The book is full of punchy, motivational quotes and anecdotes that will inspire you to take action and pursue your dreams. If you're feeling stuck, this is a must-read. October 2022


The Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory by Jessica Radloff. I confess. The TV show has become one of my guilty pleasures. I've probably seen every episode a dozen time or more, especially after syndication on TBS. Here, Jessica Radloff offers an entertaining deep dive into the back story and behind-the-scenes details. The interviews with the actors, writers and producers provide trivia, memorable quotes and details. Being a die-hard fan, this book was an enjoyable and informative read. It gave me a newfound appreciation for the show's enduring appeal. Fun to read about what was going on for the actors while they contributing to the ensemble. October 2022


endworld.jpgThe End of the World Is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization by Peter Zeihan. Not my usual read, but it was a fascinating study on the confluence of supply chain disruption, demographics, energy, financial, climate, manufacturing and food supply. The world has underappreciated the safety of shipping lanes which have permitted an unprecedented movement of resources. When that changes, everything will change. And change it will, in this decade. This is an illuminating (and a bit terrifying) ride packed with foresight, wit, and some irreverence that makes it a fun read—in spite of the subject. September 2022


True AgeTrue Age by Morgan Levine, PhD. The author is the head of aging in the Living Systems Lab at Yale University. This book captures some of the current research and lifestyle choices that can distinguish our biological age from our chronological age. Granted, there is a pharmacological mindset that emerges from time to time, but the scientific proof undergirding lifestyle choices is included as too. Namely, calorie restriction, Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting, exercise, the importance of sleep and of course stress. Learn the many ways to slow or reverse the aging process and in the process improve lifespan and health span. May 2022


Why the Universe Is the Way It IsWhy the Universe Is the Way It Is by Hugh Ross. A fascinating book that explains the scientific basis for a designer and creator of the universe. Ross explores countless aspects of our expanding universe, our location within the Milky Way galaxy and even the second Law of Thermodynamics that reveal the signature of a designer who fine-tuned hundreds of cosmic constants necessary to make a place that would uniquely support human life. A slight increase or decrease of any one of these variables and life wouldn’t be possible. Scriptural citations, along with ample scientific references, support his conclusion that the universe was designed by God for His good purposes. April 2022


MetabolicalMetabolical by Dr. Robert Lustig. This retired pediatric neuroendocrinologist warns about the health damage from processed foods and makes the case for Real Food. He connects the dots between our eroding health and the increased intake of processed, high sugar, low fiber, nutrient poor, addictive convenience foods. Because of the resulting metabolic compromise, today's most common (and expensive) chronic diseases aren't "druggable," but they are "foodable." Based on the corruption among government agencies, continued subsidies and the economics of Big Food and Big Pharma, choosing Real Food is the key for better health. For starters, only shop the perimeter of the grocery store. April 2022


Life Force by Tony RobbinsLife Force by Tony Robbins. I first heard Tony speak in 1986 and I've read each of his books since then. While it was fascinating to read about the many innovations and breakthroughs designed to prevent or maximize health, I couldn't help but get a strong whiff of self-promotion, since he seems to have an ownership stake in most of the companies mentioned. That complaint aside, it's an enjoyable read. Chiropractic is mentioned, but only in passing. I found the testing technologies fascinating, as well as the mention of EFT and Ouraring, which I've been enjoying since November. Chapters 25 and 26 at the end are classic Tony Robbins and the perfect cherry on top. March 2022


52 Ways to Walk52 Ways to Walk by by Annabel Streets. Since I'm a walker myself, the title caught my eye. During the summer I might walk 15-16 miles a day, so anything that might bring some novelty sounded appealing. Not only does she provide some fresh ideas, but she also explains the science behind them, which include memory enhancement, better sleep, improved gait and even deeper spiritual connections. Modern life compels us to fight for the closest parking spot and take the elevator. This little book will inspire you (or your patients) to practice one of the best-kept (and inexpensive) secrets for strengthening our bodies, calming our minds and lifting our spirits. March 2022


The Clot ThickensThe Clot Thickens by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick. We all know that "good" and "bad" cholesterol (or their ratio) doesn't cause cardiovascular disease. But what does? This is a 150-year-old detective story to discover the biggest killer of the western world. (Spoiler alert: it's the clotting to heal damaged arteries.) It's a story complete with villains, unsung heroes, fascinating facts and obvious clues hidden in plain sight. Plus, a huge dose of laugh out loud Scottish humor and great metaphors that make reading this a complete delight. Dr. Kendrick is a brilliant, articulate, modern-day David up against a formidable Goliath. He'd probably make a great chiropractor. February 2022


egoenemy.jpgEgo is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. Absolutely a brilliant book that should be a must-read for anyone in a leadership position—in their home or business. Divided into three sections, Aspire, Success and Failure, each five-page chapter explores some facet of ego, pride or arrogance. His cautionary examples using historical figures, plus his own brushes with ego, create riveting reading that offer warnings to tame our own. This is one of those books I carefully metered out to delay the moment of finishing it. Now, I have the pleasure of rereading it! February 2022



The Sleep Fix BookThe Sleep Fix by Diane Macedo. This easy-to-read book about sleep is chock full of practical tips and suggestions for improving one of the most overlooked aspects of better health. Macedo is a television news anchor and correspondent which has necessitated working hours that are out of sync with our circadian rhythms. The journey to resolve her own insomnia issues and jet lag has produced a wonderful little book that is written in a breezy style but substantiated with ample research citations. February 2022



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