Know Brochure Packages

We've bundled our What Patients Want to Know chiropractic brochures in several money-saving packages.

Starter Set - All 18 of our popular What Patients Want to Know brochures will outfit your brochure with the essential titles needed to educate your patients and stimulate referrals. That's 900 chiropractic brochures! It's like getting three titles free. (Custom brochure imprinting available.)

Symptoms Package - We've selected the six titles that cover the most popular chiropractic admitting complaints. Select this package if you’re on a budget or simply want to help your patients encourage friends and family to consult your practice. (Custom brochure imprinting available.)

Concepts Package - These titles cover the six most important chiropractic principles. If you have limited space or are most focused on wellness care, select this package. When you purchase the six-title package you'll be getting one title free. (Custom brochure imprinting available.)

Do brochures still have a place in the digital age? Yes. Here's the surprising reason why.