Chiropractic Patient Report Folders

Chiropractic patient report folders organize your clinical findings in a professional package that increases case acceptance.

Since chiropractic care is an intangible service, presenting your report documents in an impressive patient folder serves as a surrogate for the quality of care you provide. In other words, packaging your report of findings is an important trust signal.

When your report is merely a verbal affair, patients find it difficult to recreate your explanations to a spouse or loved one. Sending patients home empty-handed makes it more difficult to fully embrace your recommendations and refer others.

The proper "packaging" of your report improves credibility, increases patient confidence and persuades patients to take your recommendations seriously.

VIP Report of Findings Folder

Our "Life is Motion" report folder is the contemporary magazette folder that comes standard with built in center flap and technique-neutral patient explanations.

CLA Patient Scan Folder

Our Subluxation Station report folder is the result of collaboration with Drs. Patrick Gentempo and Christopher Kent. Present your nervous system scans in a powerful, contradiction-free package.

CLA Patient CORE Score Folder

Our "Results" CORE Score report folder is designed for the latest five-tech assessment tools from CLA. With the help of Dr. David Fletcher we offer a professional package that inspires patients.

Chiropractic patient report folders professionally organize and present your clinical findings. Use the appropriate chiropractic forms and report inserts to personalize your reports and package your findings for greater case acceptance.