sEMG Progress Scan Patient Folder

50 patient progress report folders
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Since you're using the Subluxation Station from the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, you're rigorously conducting regular progress scans. 

Periodic progress exams renew a patient's enthusiasm and commitment.

And this progress scan folder is the perfect way to deliver your findings—regardless of what they are.

How to Show a Patient's Pre- and Post sEMG Scan

Open the folder and attach their original (or previous) scan to the adhesive strip along the inside top edge. Secure their newest scan to the adhesive strip just below the horizontal fold. With both scans side-by-side you're ready to explain what’s better, what’s different and what hasn’t changed. But first, ask them.

“So tell me, when you compare your current scan with the one before, what do you see?”

cleaning-garage.jpgThis simple Socratic exchange reinforces a patient’s investment in the process. Then it’s your turn.

Some chiropractors worry about how to explain why the more recent scan appears, well, worse, yet the patient's symptoms are improving. Easy! Explain that the objective is to see changes. (Imagine if you took a snapshot midway through cleaning your garage--it would look worse, wouldn't it?)

The back panel offers five suggestions to stimulate referrals.

It's a simple, but elegant way to package your patient's progress scans and grow your practice at the same time. It’s all about the right presentation! (Review all our CLA patient education supplies.)

CLA Progress Scan Folder
11 3/4" X 8 5/8"
Pkgs of 50
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Review the Back Panel Text to Stimulate Referrals

253 Words
6.5 Grade reading level

The Ultimate Compliment

If you are experiencing results from safe and natural chiropractic care, we hope you'll share your experience with those you love. It's the nicest way to say thank you.

Chiropractic doesn't benefit from the billions spent by the pharmaceutical industry promoting the latest drug. Instead, we depend upon delighted patients like you.

If you know someone we could help, here are ways we make it easy for him or her to find out about chiropractic:

Review these scans. You hold in your hands a valuable tool that makes a compelling case for today's chiropractic. Share what you've learned about subluxation and the technology used to document your care.

Request information. Give us a call and we can send some helpful information and details about our office. Even if they choose not to begin care, they are sure to make better choices about their health in the future.

Call and ask questions. We love answering questions! Ask them to give us a call. There's no obligation and they can remain anonymous if they prefer.

Take an office tour. Encourage your friend or family member to come with you on an upcoming visit. The “fear of the unknown” prevents many people from taking action. You could make the difference.

Complimentary consultation. We always welcome those who care about their health enough to discuss their situation with us. We're good listeners. Without cost or obligation, we can find out if they may be a good candidate for chiropractic care.

Thank you for helping us help others!