About Us

About Us


I began working with Bill in 1995 when he was serving the chiropractic profession as co-owner of Back Talk Systems, Inc. When Bill sold his interest, we went our separate ways and I am thankful that life’s path has brought us back together again. Each day at Patient Media is a new and exciting adventure for me.

I love working with the doctors, students and staff on the phone. When I’m not serving beside Bill and the rest of the Patient Media team, I enjoy spending my free time with my granddaughter Emma, or my Pomeranian/chihuahuas, Lexie and Luna or just reading, and hanging out with friends.


bill.jpgBill Esteb

Guess you'd call me a chiropractic junkie. Maybe a "health nut." Because I've been receiving weekly chiropractic care since 1981. I'm currently seeing my 10th chiropractor. Over those four decades I've conducted 55 patient focus groups, published 12 books and written over 1,000 blog posts about chiropractic and chiropractors.

I love the challenge of finding fresh ways to explain the principles of chiropractic. I hope you'll apply our patient's point of view in your practice and enjoy deeper, more influential relationships.