The Patient's Point of View

fish-lure.jpgA fishermen buys lures in the hopes of snagging the 'big one.' Yet, fishermen buy the lures that are appealing to them! Imagine how more effective they'd be if you could consult a fish or two about the lures they prefer.

That’s the value of using patient communication resources from Patient Media.

More New Patients

All of us were once new patients. We know the fears, apprehensions and wrong-headed ideas that new patients bring to your practice. Patient Media materials anticipate and neutralize these emotional barriers. By being fluent in “patientese” we help you get and keep more new patients and create a positive, lasting first impression.

Compelling Reports

As your single most important patient communication, Patient Media tools help you walk the line between what patients need to know, and what patients want to know. It’s easy to misjudge a patient’s interest. You won’t see mindless head nodding and vacant facial expressions when you use Patient Media!

fish-fly.jpgBetter Follow Through

When patients respect chiropractic and appreciate what you do, better follow through is the natural result. Patient Media videos and printed materials drive home the importance of kept appointments and how each visit builds on the ones before. No preaching. No begging. Just simple language that is direct, yet respectful.

Improved Patient Retention

Once you go to a chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of your life. It’s a cliché most patients bring with them to your practice. Patient communications from Patient Media zap this notion at its roots. By explaining the healing process, its relationship to symptoms and the likelihood of a relapse, patients “get” the value of post-symptomatic care.

More Referrals

Patient Media supplies the essential brochures and report documents that equip your patients to be effective referral ambassadors for your practice. Growing your practice from the inside-out may not be sexy, but it’s how big practices get that way. By being patients ourselves, we know how to make chiropractic compelling and persuasive.

We're always on the lookout for new, creative ways to bridge the gap between you and your allopathic patients. Simply put, Patient Media tools look great and work great.

We would be honored to serve beside you.