What We Found Pre-Report Video


Prepare patients for their report of findings by showing What We Found first.

This 4-minute video, configured to your practice procedures, saves time, reduces repetitious explanations and prepares patients to take your recommendations seriously.

It’s taken over three decades to condense the essential report of findings message down to such a short, high-impact presentation. It pairs perfectly with our first visit Let's Get Started! orientation video.

Watch the most popular configuration here:

Use the order form below to configure and purchase your video. Use it to indicate your preferences so we can customize your video:

Male or female voice over narrator
X-rays or sEMG or both or neither
Health conditions you prefer seeing
Show your adjusting technique or not

With hundreds of possible permutations, your video will be unique—like you!

Preframing your reports by using this short video systematically…

  • Inspires patient confidence
  • Shortens your reports
  • Creates an attentive patient
  • Increases your authority
  • Produces greater consistency

Indicate whether you want your video as a standard DVD or as a .mp4 file to show on your computer or to stream over your computer network.

Check out Let's Get Started! first visit orientation video!