Let's Get Started First Visit Video


Let's Get Started! Orientation Video Personalized for Your Practice

Finally, a concise first visit video designed for the attention spans of the YouTube generation. Below with the male announcer.

Patients learn chiropractic principles without the distractions of diagnostics, technique, procedures, personalities, gender or age. It coordinates beautifully with our second visit What We Found pre-report video.

dvd-and-cd.jpgIf you used to show patient education videos, but stopped, here are seven reasons to dust off your DVD player and provide every new patient a consistent introduction to chiropractic basics:

  • Engaging, patient-relevant content educates and informs
  • Each video is personalized for you and your practice
  • Integrates perfectly into a one- or two-visit protocol
  • Post on your website or stream on your computer network
  • Make copies and send home with each new patient
  • Save time and shorten your consultations and reports
  • Make the nervous system the focus of your chiropractic care

Use the order form below to configure your video. Once your order is submitted, our video editors will get to work! Expect your personalized DVD for in-office presentation and the streamable version for your website or computer network in about a week to 10 business days. Usually less.

  1. Choose the male (used on the demo above) or female voice over narrator
  2. Upload your photo and/or practice logo
  3. Enter your practice details and personalization choices
  4. Proof your details and confirm
  5. Submit your order

It's a simple as that!

Check out our What We Found pre-report video.