Conduct a Media Fast

Escaping Burnout Begins By Conducting a Media Fast


We are awash in media. Countless studies show the deleterious effects of the mainstream media on our attitudes and outlook. Social media may be even more toxic to our well being.

The next three weeks would be a good time to conduct a media fast. Abstain from all radio, television, Internet news feeds, Facebook and all the rest. Even when we are at our best, these influences are largely unhelpful and do more harm than good.

You might also want to take an inventory of the people you're spending time with. Do they project negativity? Are they upbeat and enthusiastic? Do they inspire you? It might be a good time to "de-friend" those who drag you down or who are energy vampires.

This time for yourself is designed to provoke you into greater mindfulness and self-awareness. Which is impossible if you are inclined to distract yourself with the most convenient shiny object.

Invest some time in self-reflection. Use your insights to recalibrate, recommit and invent a new way of being going forward. Create a clearing by reducing artificial elements in your life. Try to spend more time in nature and natural surroundings.

Be still. Listen.

Self-Reflection Assignment: Disengage from as much media as possible.