Motivational Speaker

Chiropractic Speaker Motivating Chiropractors Since 1985

Mr. Bill Esteb stood in front of his first chiropractic audience in 1985. Asked to be a guest speaker at an advanced Renaissance Seminar, it launched a career that has spanned over four decades (and two million miles on United Airlines).

Since then he has motivated and inspired thousands as a chiropractic speaker by presenting his unique “patient’s point of view” at conventions, association meetings and chiropractic gatherings around the world.

Bill Esteb Is a Motivational Speaker Who Creates Possibilities

billesteb-chiropractic-speaker.jpg“I explain why patients do what they do—and what you can do about,” smiles Esteb. “I frequently encounter the genetic mutation from inner breeding, you know, chiropractors teaching chiropractors about what patients should do. I offer a patient’s perspective.”

Like a chiropractor, or any health care professional, the primary job of a motivational speaker is to produce hope.

Chiropractors struggling to adapt to reduced reimbursement, higher deductibles, social media, short attention spans and impatient patients, appreciate Bill’s pragmatic, down-to-earth approach and energetic presentation style.

Inspiring chiropractic audiences requires far more than rah-rah session. Or presenting a new procedure or communication technique. It means reminding each attendee of their purpose, creating a vision, showing up curious and restoring the awe of what it means to be a chiropractor.

It’s an assignment that Bill is a master at delivering.

speaker-for-parker.jpgA frequent contributor at the Parker Experience in Las Vegas, Bill’s interactive style engages chiropractors and CAs.

A Speaker That Creates Connection

Because he is not a chiropractor, his perspective is not driven by technique, philosophy or the political squabbling so common in chiropractic. Instead, his motivational presentations are creative explorations that inspire critical thinking and a healthy questioning of the status quo. He reveals new, overlooked opportunities that can grow virtually every practice.

Without making audiences wrong, he offers new ways to create deeper, more influential patient relationships.

You can get a taste of Bill Esteb’s patient-centered philosophy by subscribing to his free, weekly email, Monday Morning Motivation.

150 Words of Chiropractic Motivation Each Monday

Since 1999, Bill has been broadcasting Monday Morning Motivation each week to thousands of subscribers around the world. These potent, 150-word essays tackle many aspects of chiropractic (and practice)—from a patient’s point of view.

“I’m often asked, why 150 words?” says Esteb. “It’s a self-imposed constraint based on how many words are in a typical one-minute radio commercial. Many of the topics I explore could easily morph into a full book chapter. Instead, readers know my message will be short and to the point.”

What is it that makes an email or a seminar presentation motivational?

Relevance – does it apply to my unique situation?
Congruence – does it resonate with my worldview?
Usefulness – is it something I can implement?
Actionable – can I visualize its beneficial effects?
Optimistic – does it create hope for a better tomorrow?

Secure Bill As Your Next Convention Speaker

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