You & Chiropractic Brochure

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Imagine a chiropractic "coffee table" book that fits in your brochure rack.

Gorgeous photography. Concise, high-impact captions.

It leads your patients by the hand, explaining chiropractic in a classy, upscale way.

Using 12 stunning visual metaphors and a single sentence on each page, patients are led by the hand, page-by-page, concept-by-concept into a deeper appreciation of chiropractic. 

With a mere 133 words, it connects with the browsing technique patients have acquired from using the Internet.

It's easy to add to your patient communication protocol:

  • By including a copy in your welcome letter
  • As a first- or second-visit patient handout
  • At screenings or practice outreach events
  • With birthday cards or New Year's greetings
  • As an enclosure with a reactivation letter
  • Whenever you need to explain chiropractic

While it fits in your brochure rack and complements your other Patient Media brochures, this is one brochure you'll want to personally put in the hands of every patient.

"If you ever need to explain chiropractic to your spouse or someone at work, you might find this helpful."


You & Chiropractic Brochure
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133 Words
8.1 Grade reading level

You & Chiropractic

Today's chiropractic methods produce results without drugs or surgery because... are alive! So your body is busy at work, regulating and repairing itself.

Impulses flowing over your nervous system control how well your body works.

Physical, chemical or emotional stresses often overload your nervous system.

Muscles tighten, spinal joints lock and nearby nerves are choked or irritated.

This nerve interference can affect organs and tissues throughout your body.

A thorough examination locates the exact source of the nerve interference.

A precise force, at the right time and place, revives your ability to self heal.

Well-being returns as repeated visits retrain and strengthen your spine.

Then, periodic chiropractic checkups help you stay well after you get well.

You hold the key. How long you benefit from chiropractic care is up to you.

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