Hourly Consulting


Chiropractic Consulting by the Hour

If you’re at an important crossroad and you need to discuss it with a trusted consultant, arrange to spend some time with Bill.

Hundreds of chiropractors have taken advantage of this opportunity. Some of the recent conversations have involved:

  • Reinventing your report
  • Adding an associate
  • Planning for retirement
  • Feeling stuck or burned out
  • Front desk challenges
  • New patient acquisition
  • Patient retention
  • Simplifying procedures
  • Staff motivation
  • Succession planning

Usually all it takes is a single session to produce the breakthrough and see a clear path forward. Sometimes, especially with headspace issues, two or three sessions are often involved.

Either way, you get a deeply committed and passionate listener who asks great questions and offers practical advice based on over 40 years of helping chiropractors.

Don’t need full hour? Bill is happy to prorate the hourly fee in 20-minute increments.

Don’t find the advice helpful? (It’s happened twice.) Bill will waive your fee.

Use the calendar below to reserve a convenient day and time.