Implementing the VIP Patient Folder

Implementing the VIP Patient Report Folder

completed-vip-folder.jpgUse this patient folder to collect and organize your report of findings documents that are to be send home with the patient. Place the forms you use behind the built-in center flap. Such as:

Rubber stamp or apply a laser printed label with your practice details between to the two half-moon die cuts on the built-in center flap. Then insert two business cards in the die cuts indicated,

"These business cards are for you to share with others you think we might be able to help."


Use the two horizontal die cuts in the center flap to weave in brochures that are relevant to the patient's case. That might include one of the symptoms brochures and/or the Answers to the Questions Patients Ask About Chiropractic.

Point out the terms on the backside of the folder.

"We try to not to use technical terms around here, but if we do, you'll probably find them here on the back, along with their definitions."

Some chiropractors will circle two or three of the terms most relevant to the patient's case.

The VIP Report of Findings patient folder is the professional way to present your findings and recommendations for care.

Purchase the VIP Report Folder in packages of 50.