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Improved Retention Starts Here

Notice a huge burden lifted from your shoulders when you review these 12 points as each new patient begins care.

Many are things you should explain, but maybe overlook. The fact that they are beautifully printed and logically organized is sure to embolden you!

Begin by explaining how chiropractic care is different from medical treatment. Explain the nervous system focus of chiropractic care. Preframe their total experience, concluding with the reasons why many patients opt to continue their care after their symptoms resolve.

Reviewing How Our Practice Works engages patients and brings consistency to your new patient on boarding process.

Set Appropriate Expectations – Let patients know that you won’t be treating their symptoms and that they control the speed of their recovery.

Anticipate Common Questions – Invest a few extra moments at the beginning of their care to neutralize patient concerns and deepen their commitment.

See Improved Patient Follow Through – Systematically cover these essential points and create a true partnership that produces better outcomes.

It only takes 4-5 minutes to review—and can turn patients into practice members.

Coordinating wall poster reminds patients on future visits.

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