Postcard Message Suggestions

What Should You Write on Your Postcards?

All it takes is a quick sentence or two. Just make sure you don't violate any privacy issues by alluding to their health problem.

Naturally, if patients indicate that they no longer wish to receive your chiropractic postcards, honor their wish.

  • "Remember to drink lots of water as it heats up this summer!"
  • "Time for a stress-relieving chiropractic adjustment? Give us a call."
  • "Hope your adjustments are still holding. If not, give us a call."
  • "We hope all is well. If not, give us a call."
  • "We were thinking about you at a recent staff meeting. Hope all is well."
  • "Just reviewing our records and were thinking about you!"
  • "How's your golf game? Time for a tune-up?"
  • "We still have room for a few more health-conscious patients like you..."
  • "We're delighted you're enjoying progress. Please tell your friends. If not, please tell us!"

You get the idea. Keep your message short. You're simply jogging their memory.