Parents Guide Implementation

parents-guide-thumb.jpgIdea #1

If the patient has children or grandchildren, on the visit they mention progress, success or in some other way express their satisfaction with your chiropractic care, present a copy to the patient, observing something like, "I'm delighted chiropractic care is starting to work for you. Chiropractic works even better and faster with children who don't have some of the long-standing problems we often see in adults."

Idea #2

If you prefer not to present this brochure personally to adult patients around their sixth visit (or whenever they mention progress), mail the Parents Guide brochure to parents with a cover letter. Here's a head start:

Dear Parent,

We want the best for our children. We want them to be happy, healthy and well adjusted.

Have you thought about a chiropractic checkup for your son or daughter? Caught at an early age, we can help prevent many of the chronic and difficult-to-correct problems we see later in adults. A chiropractic checkup takes just moments and can afford your child the best chance to grow up healthy and strong.

Please take a few moments to review the enclosed information. Recognize signs of spinal nerve interference in your family and schedule an appointment today!

Yours in health,

Idea #3

Assign this brochure to be given out on a particular office visit. Many offices make sure that their front desk staff presents a copy to each patient on the 8th visit.

Idea #4

Have an ample supply to present to each parent participating in your Kids Day America event or school events.

Idea #5

At the very least, place it in your brochure rack so interested individuals can take and read. You just never know who will be moved by circumstances at home to take one. While this passive approach to brochure use is better than doing nothing, using brochures is a "numbers game." The more you give out, the more they work. Picking and choosing who to give one to, or waiting for patients to recognize a need and take one from your rack, will never fully exploit the power that a brochure like this can produce for your practice

Purchase the brochure.