Implementing Lets Get Started Video

How to Use the Let's Get Started! Video

letsgetstarted.jpgWhen a new patient enters the office, the staff greets them in the usual way and has them complete your chiropractic intake forms, either in the reception room or the area of your practice where the consultation is conducted.

After the paperwork is completed, the chiropractic assistant introduces the video or escorts the new patient to the part of the office where the video is to be shown and then introduces the video.

Introductory Script #1

"While Dr. _______ is reviewing your health history, he/she would like you to see this short, 3-minute video that explains what you can expect on your visit with us today."

Introductory Script #2

"Many of our new patients have questions about what they can expect on their first visit with us so Dr. _____ has prepared a short video that explains what you can expect today."

Introductory Script #3

"It takes me about 10 minutes to explain chiropractic care and what we do here. But this video does it in three minutes. Our newest patients appreciate learning more about what they can expect today."

After the Video Begins

The video is started, the staff confirms that everything is working properly (including the volume) then quietly leaves the room.

If the patient is in too much pain or balks at watching a video, simply respond, "No problem, the doctor will be with you in just a few moments," and you revert to your non-video visit procedures.

If the patient is viewing the video in another room and the staff cannot hear the sound from their work area, consider using a timer to monitor the progress of the video to avoid leaving the patient alone, unattended after the completion of the video.

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