Implementing the Symptoms Package

symptoms-package-thumb.jpgFar too many chiropractors mount their Plexiglas brochure rack on the wall, fill it with brochures and wait for the magic to happen.

It's usually a long wait.

Depending upon patients to self-serve means two things. You don't use very many brochures and you don't get the referrals you deserve.

Instead, imagine that your brochures aren't for your patients. They're for the people your patients know.

Here's how to turn brochures into new patients:

1. Have a supply of brochures on hand such as those that make up the Symptoms Package. You don't necessarily need a brochure rack; you just need brochures that cover the most significant new patient admitting complaints.

2. Identify the most important sentence or photo caption in each brochure.

3. Once a month, pick a different admitting complaint for a one-week period. Retrieve the relevant brochure before giving it to the patient, highlighting the most important sentence or photo caption, and then closing the brochure.

4. As you give it to the patient say,

"This week we're trying to help as many people suffering from [symptom] as we can. If you know someone you think we could help, please give him or her this. And if they live in another town, we'll consult our referral directory to make sure they get a great chiropractor."

5. Commit to handing out a certain number of brochures per day or week. The key is to get into the discipline “working” your brochure rack.

If you have a brochure rack, you're sitting on a gold mine of new patient possibilities. But to do their job, your brochures must leave your practice and get out into your community. And your currently active patients can do that, and will, if you'll just take it from your brochure rack and hand it to them.

Purchase the Symptoms Package.