Can Brochure Implementation

Implementing the Can Chiropractic Help Me? Brochure

Before implementing any of these suggestions, be sure to either imprint the back side of the brochure with a high quality rubber stamp or laser print your practice information onto clear adhesive labels!

canbro.jpgIdea #1

Present a copy of this brochure around their 9th visit. By then, patients are showing improvement and are more available to the referral implications of this brochure.

"Just wondering if you've tried to tell others about your experience in our office?"

Whether they answer "Yes" or "No," find out how it went and any stumbling blocks they encountered. (Be on the lookout for ways you could better equip your patients to refer others.)

Follow up by saying something like, "Many of our patients tell me they get frustrated when attempting to convince others to come in and see us. That's why I give all our patients this brochure. It has some simple tests that can convince skeptics to at least come in for a consultation and exam."

Pick one of the tests that best reflects your practice orientation and review some of the nuances of it with the patient before presenting the brochure.

Idea #2

Take the first idea even further. Lie down on your adjusting table, or (with permission) have a staff member do so, and have the patient conduct a leg length test or range of motion test on you! High impact.

Idea #3

Some offices will send this brochure with a cover letter so that it arrives at the patient's home in the second or third week of care. Here's what you could say:

Dear (Patient),

As our patients get results from their chiropractic care, they want friends and family to enjoy better health, too. But they often encounter attitudes like…

"If it's not broke, why fix it?"
"It'll clear up on its own."
"I'm just getting old."

They use these reasons to neglect their problem while it silently worsens. But the test results described in this brochure are sure to motivate!

Please review these easy-to-conduct tests. Pick one or two and conduct them with someone you love. These at-home tests are simple ways to detect spinal problems that we're so effective at helping. They can be powerful persuaders that can motivate those you love to action.

And by the way, thanks for allowing us to participate with you in the recovery of your health!

Yours in health,

Idea #4

At the very least, place it in your brochure rack so interested individuals can take and read!

Purchase the brochure.