Implementing Your Nervous System Form

Four Ways to Use the Nervous System Form

completed-nerve-form1.jpgPrepare for patient use by imprinting your practice information in the bottom right corner with a high quality rubber stamp or running your forms through your office printer after receiving your order from Patient Media.

Before your report

We recommend that you fill out this Insert during your report, so, other than adding the patient's name and report date along the top, no other preparations are necessary.

Idea #1

Refer to this Form when reviewing your neurological exam findings. Introduce the concept of subluxation and how abnormal biomechanics can affect nearby nerves and vice versa. You may find our 5" safety pin a helpful visual tool.

Use a red ballpoint or rollerball pen to circle the subluxations you found during your examination.

Idea #2

Circle the areas where you found vertebral subluxation. Or work from the other direction, circling every occurrence of the organ or tissue, such as 'stomach' that is the focus of their primary admitting complaint.

completed-nerve-form2.jpgIdea #3

If your practice focus doesn't warrant using the more complete Posture Form, circle their subluxations, but also draw any scoliosis you've detected on this posterior view.

Idea #4

If you use sEMG, along with any or all of the suggestions above, print the patient's scan results on the reverse side of the form.

Purchase the Nerve Form in pads of 50.