Safety Pin

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safety-pin-belt.jpgEssential Nerve Communications Tool

The Chiropractic Safety Pin Cycle springs to life at your report of findings when you have this 5" safety pin as a visual aid. It makes telling the chiropractic story easy!

“Up here is your brain, which sends nerve impulses to control and regulate your entire body, from your nose to your toes.”

Trace your finger down one side of the pin.

“Nerve impulses flow down the spinal cord and out to every organ and tissue of your body.”

Trace your finger up the opposite side.

“So that your brain knows that everything is working properly, impulses are sent back up to the brain. That's the definition of true health.”

Unclasp the pin.

“Many things can disrupt nerve impulses either to or from your brain. The moving bones of the spine are common culprits. When this happens, affected organs and tissues don't work right and ill-health can result.”

Clasp the pin closed.

“Chiropractors locate and reduce these nervous system disturbances with precise chiropractic adjustments. With restored nervous system integrity, health can return. Without drugs or surgery. Simple as that.”

In less than 30-seconds, you've explained the fundamentals of chiropractic in a quick and understandable way.

Put it use in your patient communications today.

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Safety Pin
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