Nervous System Chart


Exam Room Chart You'll Use Every Day

Use this essential spinal nerve chart to make the nervous system the centerpiece of your chiropractic patient communications. Watch their eyes. Patients "get it."

This is an updated Merrick Nerve Chart showing the most significant neurological connections at each segmental level.

This posterior view demonstrates symmetry and balance, something impossible to show on the dated lateral nerve function charts of the past.

It’s a spinal nerve function chart that connects deeply with today’s patients, who quickly see the potential nervous system implications of impaired spinal biomechanics. You'll notice patients studying this wall chart when you enter your exam room.

A nervous system focus is new to most patients who think of chiropractors as back doctors, not nerve doctors.

Suggested implementation and scripting. Annotate your chart.

Make the Nervous System the Centerpiece of Your Practice

Frame Your Nervous System Controls Everything nerve chart behind glass and place it in your examination room. Then use a dry erase marker to circle the vertebral subluxations, draw a scoliosis or the areas you'll be X-raying. It will quickly become an essential tool in helping practice members appreciate the supremacy of the nervous system.

Reinforce your nerve-centric message at the report of findings by using the handout version that doubles as a referral tool. Or use the brochure version as a take home piece.

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Your Nervous System Controls Everything Nerve Wall Chart
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