How Far Chiropractic Chart


Many patients show up guarded, believing that “once you see a chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life.”

This wall chart puts patients at ease, improving rapport—and your influence.

While most patients would likely benefit from some type of ongoing care for life, most begin care with a far more modest goal: relief.

So, start there—at the base of the pyramid, where patients weaned on the medical model are inclined to begin.

But at your consultation or report you might make the following observation:

“There are five ways our patients use chiropractic care. Most people start with relief care. However, those who discontinue without entering the corrective care stage often discover their problem returns. That's okay, we welcome them back and start over with relief care.

Maintenance care involves periodic visits designed to preserve the progress you’ve made.

Preventive care is similar, but the intent is early detection, so small problems are caught early, before they worsen.

And wellness care is for those who want to be their best. They see us when they’re feeling great—because they want to stay that way.

You don’t have to decide now, but be thinking about how you want to use chiropractic to reach your health goals.”

Enjoy better retention as patients see the value of continued care. No other chiropractic wall graphic clarifies the distinctions between maintenance, prevention and wellness.

Add the How Far report form to your report of findings documents and show patients why pain relief can be just the beginning to better overall health. Uses the same color scheme as our popular Road to Recovery chart.


How Far Chiropractic Chart
24" X 18"
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