How Far Chiropractic Chart


Here are the five ways patients can use chiropractic care.

Most have heard the old saw that “once you go to a chiropractor, you have to go forever.”

This wall chart puts patients at ease, improving rapport and reducing stress. It’s a three-dimensional graphic based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Relief care, at the base of the pyramid, is where most patients enter your practice.

But there’s more to chiropractic than pain relief!

Granted, it may take a relapse or two before patients embrace the value of the higher up categories.

Use this graphic to introduce the motives prompting patients to consult your practice:

Relief – Where most patients begin. Without going further, many suffer a relapse.

Correction – Continued care beyond obvious symptoms strengthens the spine.

Maintenance – Regular chiropractic checkups help preserve a patient’s progress.

Prevention – Periodic visits help detect new problems, minimizing flare-ups.

Wellness – Proactive care and other healthy habits optimize health and well-being.

Reinforce these distinctions by using the report handout. It features the same color scheme as our popular Road to Recovery wall chart and patient handout.


How Far Chiropractic Chart
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