MyoVision Settings

Support for Practices Using MyoVision

Color scheme for CLA sEMG and thermographyMany Myovision users prefer the patient communication materials we've produced for the CLA Subluxation Station.

However, the default Myovision settings use a slightly different color-coding system. No problem! Thankfully, this is easy to modify.

How to Change Your Myovision Settings

In the MyoVision Setup Menu use the dropdown menu to change your settings:

sEMG Static Settings should be set to:

    VERY LOW > White
    IDEAL > Green
    LOW > Green
    IMBALANCE > Blue
    MODERATE > Blue
    HIGH > Red

THERMOGRAPHY Settings should be set to:

    LOW > Green
    MED LOW > Yellow
    MED HIGH > Blue
    HIGH > Red

This color scheme is used in the Original Scan Folder, Progress Scan Folder and the Pediatric Scan Form. Add the PreScan Checklist to your admitting paperwork to bring greater accuracy to your scans.