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Adjusting children can be the most soul-satisfying part of practice.

They recover quickly. And the needless suffering that your care prevents, forever changes lives.

This report handout raises the subject organically. It’s the perfect springboard to enlarge a parent’s interest beyond their own health issue.

“Some parent wonder if their children might have pre-symptomatic subluxations,” you observe. “This illustrates some of the types of scans we see among newborns and children.”

Many report this patient handout supernaturally makes them bolder and more courageous. You may experience that too!

Because parents respond.

Just by adding this simple tool to your reports.

Your technology uniquely equips you to have a practice of health-conscious families. And this is the no-brainer, stress-free way to make it happen.

How to use with MyoVision technology.

CLA Pediatric Scan Report Insert
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The Complete Text of the CLA Pediatric Scan Form

128 words
7.4 Grade reading level

Does Your Child Have Pre-symptomatic Subluxations?

Ear Infections
Unexplained Crying
Difficult Labor
Growing Pains
Unusual Shoe Wear
Poor Concentration
Allergic Reactions
Postural Distortions
Contact Sports

Nervous system disturbances can lead to all sorts of health problems. Since we would rather catch problems before obvious symptoms appear, we encourage parents to have a nervous system scan of their infant or child.

Our scanning technology is safe, accurate, noninvasive and takes just minutes. Should the scan reveal that chiropractic care could be beneficial, we’ll make recommendations. If not, we’ll tell you that, too. Either way, you'll see the results.

Detecting pre-symptomatic health problems makes sense. It gives your child the best chance to grow up health and strong, free from vertebral subluxation.


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