Answers Brochure Implementation

Implementing the Answers Brochure

Cover of Answers Chiropractic Brochure.jpgBefore implementing any of these suggestions, be sure to either imprint the back side of the brochure with a high quality rubber stamp or laser print your practice information onto a clear adhesive label and apply on the back side in the space provided.

The Answers to the Questions Patients Ask About Chiropractic brochure is one of the most essential brochures we offer. It’s a first visit handout designed to anticipate and neutralize new patient concerns, as well as win over a skeptical spouse or partner.

Here are seven ways to use it:

Idea #1

If you don’t show a new patient orientation video, like the one we offer called Let's Get Started, have each new patient review a copy of the brochure while they’re waiting for their consultation to begin. In fact, giving patients some time to browse through the questions and answers prior to your consultation is probably a good reason to delay your consultation a minute or two. This way, much of their baggage and misconceptions are resolved first. You’ll probably notice that patients are more responsive and attentive.

Idea #2

If you don’t show a first visit orientation video, have the front desk assistant present a copy at the completion of the new patient’s first visit:

“Many of our newest patients have questions that they forget to ask or have a loved one who has questions. The doctor would like you to review this information and share it with your husband...”

These days you rarely get to meet the major influencer in your patient’s life. All it takes is a question such as, “Did they give you a prescription?” or “How many visits is it going to take?” and the connection you worked so hard to establish evaporates, and a seed of doubt takes root. So, you want to make sure every new patient takes a copy home with them.

Idea #3

Many offices create a new patient gift bag that they present to patients at the conclusion of the first visit. Include a copy of this brochure, along with your customized water bottle, refrigerator magnet, personalized pen, ice pack, supplement samples, a current copy of your practice newsletter and any other goodies you might have. Patients love receiving these and it’s a great way to get your practice name out to people you might not otherwise meet.

Idea #4

Offices that don’t present a copy of the brochure personally to patients will include a copy in the welcome letter they mail to the patient. By sending it to their home, there's a greater chance that other household members can have their questions answered too.

If you don’t have a great new patient welcome letter, consider Letter #16 in our 50 Patient Letters booklet. Simply add a PS at the bottom. Maybe something like:

PS. If I was unable to anticipate and answer all your questions, please review this brochure or ask me on your next visit.

Idea #5

If you do screenings, lectures or other outreach events in your community, you’d want to have an ample supply of this brochure to present to your most promising new patient prospects. Turns out, what prevents most people from beginning chiropractic are unfounded fears and apprehensions—emotional stuff. Without apology or defensiveness, this brochure addresses the most common wrongheaded ideas about chiropractic, clearing the way to beginning chiropractic care in your office.

Idea #6

If you're a new chiropractor, introduce yourself to nearby businesses and residents. This brochure is the perfect leave-behind after some small talk:

“Hi I’m Dr. SoAndSo. I’m the chiropractor that’s just opened my practice over in the Wonderview Shopping Center. I’m just making the rounds to meet my neighbors and say hello. And if you or someone you know needs a chiropractor with the latest training and state-of-the-art equipment, give me a call. Here’s a brochure that explains a little about what today's chiropractic is all about.”

Short and sweet. No confrontation and no direct overture to become a patient. Just “seed” planting. Today, most people know what chiropractors do, so your main mission is to become familiar, appear approachable and supply information that could serve to reduce the emotional barriers to starting care.

Idea #7

Do you have access to the names of newcomers in your community? You might want to introduce yourself and your approach to practice and include a copy of the brochure. Maybe something like:

Dear Dear (New neighbor),

I imagine you're in the midst of establishing your home and finding your way around our beautiful community.


I'm Dr. _________. A chiropractor. A different sort of chiropractor. If you're feeling the effects of unpacking, lifting and the general stress of moving, give us a call. You'll find our approach refreshingly down to earth:

Same day appointments. By the time many people call a chiropractor, they're in bad shape. We keep openings in our schedule so we can easily accommodate new patients just about any time of the day.

Complementary consultation. If you're truly interested in your health, I'm happy to discuss it with you at no charge. It's a great way to get to know each other and see if we "click." That's as important to me as it is to you.

No preaching. We've noticed that educated patients who fully understand their problem get better results. So we offer a variety of resources that inform without being pushy, and explain without being preachy.

Affordable care. Besides accepting insurance and participating in the most popular plans, we offer a variety of payment arrangements that make our chiropractic care affordable for just about anyone.

Benefit as long as you wish. Our office is patient-centered. You're the boss. Whether you want temporary relief or a program of wellness care, we'll help you achieve your health goals.

Those new to chiropractic often have questions. I've enclosed some information you may find helpful. If we can help you in any way, please give us a call.

Warmest regards,

Use this powerful, 16-page brochure to anticipate and answer the questions that patients and prospective patients are often too afraid or embarrassed to ask.

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