Implementing the Astonishing Dr. You Brochure

dr-you-thumbnail.jpgBefore implementing any of these suggestions, be sure to imprint the back side of the brochure with a high quality rubber stamp or laser print your practice information onto clear adhesive labels.

Idea #1

Share this information with active and inactive patients by mailing it with a "press release" sounding letter. This is a creative and thought-provoking way to getting this powerful little book into the hands of all your best patients. Maybe something like:

New Doctor Joins Office of [Your Name]

All of us at the office of [Your Name] are proud to welcome the addition of another doctor to our busy practice.

"We're proud of our newest addition," beams Dr. Your Name, "This doctor brings a wealth of knowledge about natural healing and, until recently, has responded to virtually every health problem with flawless accuracy. His grasp of anatomy, physiology and proper function is unsurpassed."

The newest doctor on our health care team will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To provide optimum results and patient satisfaction our newest associate will be on the job holidays and vacations.

It's a genuine pleasure to welcome this new doctor and provide Him/Her with the best opportunity for maximum healing by helping restore a more normally functioning nervous system. Welcome Dr. You!

Yours in health,

Idea #2

Use the booklet as a guideline for your patient lectures. Add additional information based on your particular procedures or services.

Idea #3

Present a copy at the beginning of each patient's care. We recommend the 3rd visit. By the third visit, patients are ready to appreciate that they're the ones doing the healing. Plus, by then, most patients are probably experiencing some progress, so it’s a great time to remind them of the self-healing capacity of their own body. There are a couple of ways of presenting it to patients on the third visit. Have your front desk assistant hand it out as the patient enters the practice, "While you’re waiting, the doctor would like to you review this little booklet." Or, a more intriguing approach might be to say something like, "From the time to time Dr. Smith is likely to refer to you as the doctor. This little booklet explains why."

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