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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 15th 2024

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To say what you mean, and mean what you say, be mindful of these distinctions:

Manipulate – As in “to treat by hand in a skillful manner.” Unfortunately, a more common usage is “to control or use insidious means to one’s own advantage.”

No one wants to be manipulated.

When a patient’s issue is seen as orthopedic, manipulation resembles an osteopathic rather than a chiropractic intervention.

Adjust – As in “to bring to a more satisfactory state.”

Consider two important distinctions about chiropractic adjustments: specificity and intent.

Specificity relates to a precise targeting of the energy applied to the spine at opportune times and places in the quest to reduce nerve interference.

Intent refers to the motive of the chiropractor, to either produce an ideal or honor the wisdom of the body.

Like the difference between first degree murder and manslaughter—the outcome may be similar, but the intent is quite different.

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