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Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 9th 2024

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To say what you mean, and mean what you say, be mindful of these distinctions:

Joint dysfunction – This reduces chiropractic to a limited orthopedic modality, overlooking the neurological implications and its potential whole-body effects. This medicalizes chiropractic, excluding its vitalistic nature and respect for the intelligence of the body.

This eliminates pediatric and wellness care, conforming to the prevailing allopathic mindset.

Granted, objectively measuring improved nervous system function may be expensive or inconvenient, but possible—if there’s interest.

Trading identity for acceptance is how to lose both.

Subluxation – This often creates an allergic reaction, especially among newer chiropractors taught that this is merely an anachronistic, “unscientific historical artifact.”

Granted, subluxation in the chiropractic lexicon is far more nuanced than the medical definition, making it virtually invisible to emergency room physicians quick to offer up pain meds and muscle relaxers.

Joint dysfunction reduces the big idea to a rather small one.

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