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Dear Bill | Should I Publish My Fees?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Feb 5th 2021

Dear Bill I'm thinking about publishing my fees on my website. Is this a good idea? Any suggestions? I think we've all done online research for a product or service, only to be fru … read more

Dear Bill | Patients Ignore Treatment Plan

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 26th 2021

Dear Bill "I have a hard time getting people on treatment plans. Many think they just need to come once or twice. I would like to fix that without having to spend a lot of time trying to educ … read more

Monday Morning Motivation | Growing a Practice

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 24th 2021

Growing a practice usually has far more to do with the practitioner than patients or procedures. Consider these factors: Adaptability. Are you coachable and keeping up? Are you available to … read more

Dear Bill | Convincing Patients to Continue

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jan 19th 2021

Dear Bill, I'd like to know what you've found to be the best way to motivate patients about the need for continued care. Is it sEMG, palpation findings, post X-rays, posture pictures, ROM stu … read more