Chiropractic Magazette | History of the Report of Findings Magazette

The magazette for the report of findings was invented almost 20 years ago, back when Bill Esteb was the creative force behind Back Talk Systems. Bill had the idea of a folder to hold a patient's report of findings documents. Since then, the term "magazette" has become a generic term applied to just about all chiropractic patient report folders.

billesteb1990.jpgMagazette: New Word for a New Product

"Back then, it was a new idea," remembers Esteb. "It seemed logical to invent a new word that could be used to describe it. What most people don't realize is the word "magazette" is actually the combination of two words: magazine and gazette. Gazette coming from the Gazette Telegraph, the local Colorado Springs newspaper."

Since then, a magazette has come to refer to any one of several different report folders marketed by various patient education supply companies. A magazette usually has these three characteristics:

  • Folder with a built-in inside flap for report documents
  • Die cuts for attaching a business card and/or brochures
  • Generic, preprinted information about chiropractic

Magazette: Patient Media Style


The Patient Media magazette is branded as the VIP Report Folder. We're not sure whether VIP stands for Very Important Person or Very Important Papers. You decide!

Our VIP Report Folder differs from other magazette-like products in several ways:

  • Clinically neutral so it can be easily personalized
  • Avoids the complexity of naming the parts of the VSC
  • Uses the term "spinal decay" instead of subluxation degeneration

"A magazette is about packaging your report recommendations," continues Esteb. "If you're going to recommend an expensive course of care, you can't send a patient home empty handed. You need to package your findings and give them the documents they need to help persuade their spouse--who these days, you often don't even get to meet!"

Instead of forcing you to explain adjusting techniques you don’t use, or apologize for the big, complex terms like other magazettes, our VIP Folder is part of a report of findings system that is customized by using relevant report forms and flyers as you see fit:

Examination Insert
Nerve function Insert
Posture Insert
Spinal Decay Insert
Recovery Insert
10 Ways Insert
How Far Insert
Wellness Wheel Insert
Medicare Worksheet

When compared side-by-side, our VIP Folder comes out on top. In fact, other suppliers cut corners by forcing you to attach flimsy pockets that are hard to apply and less than professional.

Choose the magazette that is the most flexible and presents your report documents in a way that reassures patients and impresses spouses.

If you use the CLA Subluxation Station or CLA Core Score, we have a report magazette for your scans and report documents too.