Monday Morning Motivation | Vertebral Subluxation

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jun 27th 2016

William D Esteb

  #4 of 13 things every new patient should know: Stress can produce vertebral subluxation.

Okay, so patients have never heard the term vertebral subluxation. That's great. It reinforces the idea that chiropractic is different from medicine. Plus, introducing it up front, and defining it, permits you to use it on subsequent visits.

"Chiropractors refer to this combination of spinal bone misalignment and nervous system interference as vertebral subluxation. Vertebral, meaning of the spine, and subluxation meaning less than a total dislocation.

"Physical, chemical or emotional stress can produce vertebral subluxation, interfering with brain to body or body to brain nerve communications. When these nerve communications are compromised, the organs and tissues controlled by those nerves can malfunction. While many experience aches and pains along the spinal column, you can also have health issues peripheral to the spine, such as changes to the function of organs and tissues throughout your body."

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