Monday Morning Motivation | Thorough Examination

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 4th 2016

William D Esteb

  #5 of 13 things every new patient should know: A thorough examination will be conducted.

Many chiropractors take their examination procedures for granted. Yet, patients are frequently astonished with its detail. Whether you do a "touch and tell" examination or enjoy identifying health issues that the patient hasn't mentioned, it's crucial that you continue to build on the nervous system theme established earlier. Be sure your examination room is equipped with the charts and visual aids you need to link their problem with nervous system dysfunction.

"To uncover areas of your spine that may be compromising the integrity of your nervous system, we will conduct a thorough examination. Some say it's the most complete examination they've ever had. We'll have you turn and bend and see if your spine moves as it should. If needed, pictures of your spine may need to be taken to show us its underlying structure."

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